17-20 October 2016
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who we are we  are  highly  successful  individuals  with  rich  international  experience

Our core team is made up of highly successful individuals with rich international experience in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US, in industries ranging from Information Technology, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Aggregates and Financial Services. Whether it is business process study or systems implementation or launching complex financial products, we have had first-hand experience in many of the challenges an organisation like yours may face. This gives us an edge to give you solutions that work in practice, not just theory.

More About Us


At Vinformax, we are guided by innovativeness in everything we do, new processes, new products; in short, new ways of looking at every problem.


The binding fabric of all our endeavours is technology. We strive to stay updated about the latest trends while maintaining the diktat of simplicity. Our broad range of technological capabilities allows us to bring to you an incisively analytical approach.

Quick  Responsiveness

Spread across three continents, four countries and seven cities, we are able to cover the entire 24/7 day-cycle and assure you an agile and responsive team.


We also undertake extensive training - both in-bound and out-bound. Our core team has developed instensive training modules drawing from its years of experience, in the areas of aptitude, cyber security and computer technology skills.